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    My name is Angela and I’m living in Aarhus, Denmark.
    I am interested to send you some comics that my passed father left me long ago.
    Is it possible some of the comics to be sent to your address in original hard copy and to be delivered to me in digitalized version.
    Who will guarantee that the original materials which will be sent to your organization and have some trade value on the net will be preserved and well kept.
    Also, I want to know if the materials which are sent to your project will be protected from any publishing online, because this is my legacy and I want to keep my privacy.

    Best regards,

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    Dear Angela,

    We understand your concerns about the privacy of your comics. However, we must inform you that as part of our standard service, we publish the digitized materials on our secure web portal. This ensures that our clients have easy access to their materials from anywhere, at any time. We take the safety and security of all materials very seriously and have measures in place to ensure that they are well-preserved and protected. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or to discuss your project.

    Best regards,


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