Formation of the first club for canoeing in Bislimska Klisura, village of Pcinja

The first kayaking club in the North-Eastern region was formed as part of the Tourist Information Center located in Bislimska Klisura in the village of Pčinja. The club will be intended for students from primary and secondary schools.

The Kayaking Club is a project initiative with the support of the local community, with the aim of supporting the exploration of the natural beauty of Bislim Gorge through kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Within the club, students will have the opportunity to test their kayaking talent, learn new skills and explore the natural beauty of the Pčinja river, which is an increasingly popular kayaking destination in the region with great potential to become one of the recognizable destinations for enthusiasts. of adrenaline sports in the region.

The organizers of the club point out that they are guided by the strategy for the safety of the participants, with which each participant will be equipped with carabiners, vests, helmets, kayaks and other necessary equipment for the safe performance of the activities.

Applications are currently being accepted for club membership, and any interested students can contact the local Tourist Information Center in Bislimska Klisura for more information.