Project title:


Priority axis: Tourism

Specific objective

Enhancing the tourism potential of the region through cooperation initiatives in better preservation and sustainable utilization of natural and cultural heritage

Project Activities

  1. Project kick off press conferences
  2. Workshops – utilization of cultural heritage for development of tourism
  3. Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Bislimska Klisura and development of virtual tour of Bislimska klisura
  4. Training “Digitalization of culture-historical heritages
  5. Digitalization of culture-historical heritages
  6. Establishing of Center for digitalization of cultural and historical heritage and supply of equipment for digitalization of cultural heritage
  7. Development of cultural and tourism institutions network – creation of web based museum and archeologic cultural heritage platform
  8. Development of virtual museum tour of Dupnica and Kumanovo
  9. Works Dupnica – interior reconstruction of the House „St.Dimitriov – Marek“
  10. Establishment of Bislimska Klisura tourist center – works and supply of equipment
  11. Workshop and forum: The Role of Museums in Cultural and Heritage Tourism
  12. Producing of promotional tourism videos for Dupnica and Kumanovo and surroundings
  13. Promotion of rehabilitated building, etsablished digitalization center and project closing event in Dupnica
  14. Promotion of rehabilitated building, etsablished digitalization center and project closing event in Kumanovo

Project Results

Developed project proposal aims to foster the sustainable touristic development and promotion of very rare touristic attraction in targeted region from one side and to emphasize the promotion of culture heritage from the other side.

The rehabilitation of the objects of intervention, providing of equipment for digitalization and implementation of activities for promotion of cultural heritage will increase the CB region’s tourism potential, as well as enhancement of the awareness of culture and tourism stakeholders in the CB region for the possibilities for utilization of the cultural heritage in tourism purposes. Moreover, with the use of modern-day ICTs, the tourist attractions of the CB region will become known to the countless multitude of users of Internet and social media.

The project will bring together people in social and economic spheres (culture and tourism) which will lead to the enhance of the CB cooperation with the aim addressing of common tourism development challenges and utilization of the tourism potential of the rich cultural tangible and intangible heritage.

Lead Partner

Center for development of the Third-Northeast planning region Kumanovo / Macedonia


Historical museum – Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

Target Groups


24 months

Total budget

458 365.90 €